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Regular weekly sessions or private tuiton available. Suitable for all levels of experience.







Casual Class $25. Please bring cash.

All mats and props are supplied. Please wear comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing for ease of movement.

Bookings: Please let Lisa know that you are coming along by text message - 0411 311 621.

Private mat work sessions

Private 1-on-1 Matwork Pilates for rehabiliation and fitness. Please contact Lisa for more information.

The Benefits of Pilates

• Postural alignment
• Back care
• Core muscle activation
• Joint mobilisation and stability
• Corrects muscle imbalances and weakness
• Tones and strengthens the whole body
• Rehab for injuries
• Increases body awareness

Private mat work sessions available.

Pilates has become popular in recent years, both mat work and reformer Pilates, for fitness, toning muscles, weight loss and sculpting the perfect physique. There are popular courses that boast you will get amazing abs, a Brazillian butt or a mini skirt makeover. While all these things might be true, and lets face it we all like to look our best, my experience is that Pilates is the best rehab there is. There are many Pilates clinics for fitness , rehab and body maintenance.

When recovering from injury it is important to seek the advice of a health care professional such as your GP, physiotherapist or muscular skeletal specialist. It is important and admirable to take some responsibility for your condition and your recovery. Once you have the OK to start moving a private Pilates session is the best place to begin. If you have the motivation to follow a home program that is awesome. Classes come later.

The primary focus of Pilates is to isolate and activate the core stabilising muscles in the body. This works to keep our joints, including the spine, functioning happily. Combined with core activated stretching techniques we can safely and mindfully manage and prevent injury, create and restore postural alignment, joint stability and mobility , correct muscle imbalances and weakness, increase body awareness and tone and strengthen the whole body. It is perfect for back care.

There are many moves and variations to cater for all needs and never get bored. Starting with the basics , all exercises revolve around core and  pelvic floor activation, a neutral spine position and are cued with breath instruction. Like yoga, the practice is focussed and mindful and you walk away feeling like you have worked hard but feel energised and relaxed. The core activation and alignment applies to all functional movement in daily life, so is useful for feeling happy in your body moment to moment and day to day. And hey if your butt looks good in a mini skirt, what more could you ask for?